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Fresno, CA Air Purifier Services by Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning

It’s estimated that the average person spends over 70% of his/her time indoors, with much of this time spent in the home – so doesn’t it make sense that your home’s indoor air should be as clean and healthy as possible? With a whole-home air purifier installed by a Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning expert technician, you can have the healthy, clean air you need all day, every day. Why a whole-home option? Single room air purifiers can be somewhat effective, but only for the small amount of space it covers; with a whole-home air purifier, the air in your entire home is purified with each cycle of your HVAC system.

This is because an air purifier for your home is integrated seamlessly into your HVAC system – but to ensure this seamless integration, it’s imperative to hire a trained professional for your air purifier installation. The indoor air quality experts Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning have installed numerous air purifiers, paying special attention to the specific needs of each and every customer. Whether you or your family members need allergy relief, want to see less dust and dirt, or simply want the peace of mind knowing that clean air is circulating your home, we are only a phone call away.

Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning provides air purifier services in Fresno, CA and the surrounding areas.

Using Electricity to Clean Your Air

When we talk about air purifiers, we are referring to the use of either an electrostatic precipitator or an ion generator to clean the air in your home. These may sound like fancy names, but what these two air purifiers do is use electricity to capture the contaminants in your home. An ion generator captures particles by generating negative ions that the device disperses into the air; the negative ions attract the contaminants in the air, such as dander, pollen and dust, and the contaminant and negative ion become a single, negatively–charged particle. This new particle is attracted to the surfaces in your home, attaches to them, and is removed when a surface is cleaned. An electronic precipitator works a little differently. Using a small fan, an electronic precipitator draws air into it, including contaminants. Once the contaminants enter the precipitator, they are negatively charged and are then collected on oppositely–charged metal plates. Using electricity to clean your home’s indoor air can be a great option for those who prefer not to use a mechanical air filter. However, correct installation is critical to gaining the benefits of any air cleaner, so make sure you give us a call.

We Install and Service Air Purifiers

Whether you are looking to install a whole–home air purifier for the first time, want to maintain a current one or need to repair an existing one, the indoor air quality technicians at Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning are here to assist. Having clean air in your home isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity, particularly if you have allergy sufferers to worry about. And air purifiers aren’t just good for you and your family, they are also good for your HVAC system. Why? Air purifiers help capture even more dust and dirt than your standard air filter will, which means there is less dust and dirt available in the air to clog your HVAC system. If you want to know how an air cleaning system can benefit you, your family, your home and your HVAC, call us today!